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Reflections in the New Year!

Reflecting on the remarkable journey of 2023 as we step into the first weeks of 2024, a wave of gratitude and positivity fills my heart. Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to turn my passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction into a reality by establishing Positive Recovery in May 2023. Since opening our doors in early June, we've been blessed to welcome both adolescents and adults seeking support on their path to recovery.


At Positive Recovery, our foundation is built on the belief in the power of gratitude, and it's heartening to kick off our group sessions with discussions centered around this uplifting principle. Our approach is rooted in meeting individuals where they are, free from judgment, and empowering them to make the changes they need with a little bit of support. Emphasizing a comprehensive treatment approach, we actively involve families and address mental health issues as integral parts of the recovery process.


Certainly, the journey to recovery is not without its challenges. Whether it's missed appointments, setbacks, or initial skepticism about the possibility of change, our group therapy sessions have proven instrumental in navigating these hurdles. Witnessing the transformative and impactful changes that individuals make during their recovery process is truly heartwarming as a physician.


As we embark on this New Year, Positive Recovery is committed to fostering connections with our partners and community through educational and advocacy activities. Our unwavering dedication to providing excellent care to our patients and supporting their families remains steadfast. We are here to serve both adolescents and adults facing the challenges of addiction, and if you know someone who could benefit from our program, please send them our way. Help us spread the word by sharing this newsletter and our information on your social media platforms. Let's look ahead to a year filled with hope, healing, and positive transformations!


Wishing you a joyous and fulfilling New Year!


Warm regards,

Nihit Kumar, M.D.

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