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The Holiday Grinch (aka Stress)!

The holiday season, synonymous with joy, can paradoxically become a breeding ground for stress. The demands of shopping and cooking, coupled with the financial burden of gifting, create a pressure cooker of tasks. Family gatherings, while meant to be joyous, can sometimes be a source of tension. In the midst of these challenges, it's crucial to prioritize self-care. Take breaks, practice mindfulness, and set realistic expectations for yourself. In addition to self-care practices, establishing a budget early on can help alleviate financial stress. Delegating tasks and communicating openly with family members about boundaries can contribute to a more supportive atmosphere.


However, some individuals may turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like increased drug or alcohol use to manage their stress. Recognizing this as a red flag is essential. If you or someone you know is resorting to substance use as a way to cope, seeking appropriate treatment is crucial. Reach out to mental health professionals, support groups, or addiction helplines. Open communication within the family is vital, fostering an environment where individuals feel safe discussing their struggles.


Remember, amidst the chaos, seeking help for substance use issues is a sign of strength. Taking care of your mental health ensures a healthier and happier holiday season for all.


I invite you to share this message and this newsletter with your loved ones and your clients – you never know who this little holiday gift might touch!  


PS: Pic above is from the Stop Overdose Summit that I attended last month organized by the office of Attorney General Tim Griffin. There was an amazing panel of speakers who shared so much about ways to prevent substance abuse and overdose risk.

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