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Positive Recovery

For a healthier and more meaningful life

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Our Story

Who We Are and Why We Do This?

As a teenager, Nihit Kumar grew up with a close family member who struggled with addiction. This ignited in him the drive to go through years of medical training and he is on a mission to change the lives of people struggling with mental health & addiction. For more than a decade, he has been treating individuals in Arkansas with mental and substance use disorders. 

Addiction generally starts early in life, especially during the teenage years. Dr. Kumar established Positive Recovery as a premier institute focusing on both adolescents and adults struggling with addiction, particularly to opioids and alcohol.  

The entire staff at Positive Recovery are highly trained to understand your unique perspective when it comes to mental health & addiction treatment services. We understand your fears and anticipate your challenges and will work with you to develop a highly effective program tailored to your needs. 

We want you to take this first but important step in your recovery by calling us today!

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Notice the people around you!

Positive Recovery Arkansas
Notice the people around you!
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Notice the people around you!
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Notice the people around you!

The power of guilt in recovery!
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The power of guilt in recovery!

What is intergenerational addiction?
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What is intergenerational addiction?

How trauma affects drug and alcohol use!
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How trauma affects drug and alcohol use!

Our Treatment Philosophy

We treat everyone with compassion, kindness and care. At the same time we have expectations of our patients and will hold them accountable for their behaviors.  

Do I Have An Addiction?

Not sure if you have a problem with alcohol, pain pills, marijuana or other substances? Take this confidential self-administered screener to find out.

Remember, it's never too late to seek help!

Our Key Services

Excellence in Patient Care

Pharmacists' hands

Medication Consultation

Individualized MAT Treatment

Holding Hands

Medical Monitoring

Quality Care

Group Therapy

Learn from Peers

Support group


A Better Understanding of the Illness

Student in Library
Couples Therapy

Opening Hours

Here When You Need Us

Clinic Hours: Tuesdays

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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