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Our Key Services

Positive Recovery specializes in the comprehensive treatment of adolescents and adults with alcohol, opioid and other drug use disorder. We utilize the best treatment standards in a comforting, supportive, and respectful environment. Contact us to find out more.

Doctor and Patient

Medication Consultation

Individualized Treatment for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

After a comprehensive assessment, your doctor will discuss medications and doses that suit you best for the treatment of your alcohol, opioid or other drug use disorder. Ask our knowledgeable providers about these medications and their potential side effects, and why they will work best for your needs.

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Adolescent Addiction

For a Better Future

Positive Recovery is one of the state's only treatment center providing care to adolescents struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Our board-certified adolescent psychiatrist provides comprehensive and evidence-based care to teenagers in a warm and supportive environment.

Empty Chairs

Group Therapy

Learn from Your Peers

Treatments are provided in a group therapy format which allows you to learn not only from your doctor but from your peers' experiences who are on the same road to recovery as you are. Group therapy is a powerful way of making meaningful changes in your life and very helpful to keep yourself accountable.

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Medical Monitoring

Quality Care

Your doctor will order the necessary labs and will monitor you closely for any potential side effects from your medication. Information grounded in science will be shared with you to help you make the most of your treatment and allow you to enjoy a deeply meaningful life.

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A Better Understanding of the Illness

Accurate and scientifically-driven knowledge is the only way to reduce the stigma of addiction and facilitates better understanding of the disease of addiction. This leads to progressively greater changes in pro-social behaviors and better engagement in treatment. 

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